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Absolute Fireworks is Scotland's premier pyrotechnics display company offering newly married couples, their families and guests an unforgettable fireworks experience for their wedding celebration. Each display that we perform is especially tailored for each venues unique characteristics.

Our team of designers and engineers work closely with our clients , event planners and the venue's to create the perfect wedding fireworks display. Each custom designed wedding features special effects that will make your event stand out. The Absolute Fireworks team handles all the necessary safety checks and site surveys to ensure a safe and enjoyable evening for all your friends and family.

Weddings are a great opportunity for fireworks. Weddings are a time to really mark a day as "yours", and nothing does that better than fireworks. Fireworks for weddings are commonly done in the early evening, after dinner, and before the dancing gets too far underway. You do want to have time for your grandmother to see them! You also want to be fresh for the great photos this opportunity holds! Get your photographer ready, and queue us up for a great display that will knock your guests socks off... maybe even your spouse!

Most firework displays we do for weddings are a surprise. That means the wedding party does not know about the fireworks. In many cases the bride or groom do not know either. This is a great moment when everyone is invted to the patio for a moon light toast. At the appropriate moment the event/venue organisor gives us the order to 'Fire, Fire, Fire" and up goes the show. The spectacular effects and stunning presentation are sure to please all attendees. The surprise is one of the best forms of assuring a grand success and heart stopping emotions at the reception.

Expertise, quality, service, affordability and one of the largest selection of professional fireworks in Scotland , that's why Absolute Fireworks are the preferred fireworks display company to Glasgow's Science Centre.

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Confetti package

A spectacular display, perfectly timed, choreographed and colour co-ordinated, featuring a stunning 20 Shell Finale. Duration 4 - 8 minutes.

champagne package

A fully choreographed display using larger material than the Confetti Display, plus the added bonus of not only a 35 Shell Finale, but also a range of spectacular shape shells including red love hearts. Duration 4 - 8 minutes.

diamond package

Bigger and better, the Diamond Display is longer running and finishes with a massive 55 Shell Finale, including two different sizes of shape shells featuring spirals, smiling faces and double love hearts and more. Duration 6-10 minutes.

platinum package

Our Platinum Display pack contains all our finest effects and colours, with an opening sequence featuring 6 dazzling silver glitter fountains and the display culminating in a spectacular 70 Shell Finale including the full range of shape shells along with our colossal 6” Shells. Duration 6-10 minutes.