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Here at Absolute Fireworks & Events , we take pride in producing exciting and memorable displays. All of our displays are custom designed. No two shows are the same, guaranteed. We carry a very large inventory of high-grade fireworks from carefully selected manufacturers.

All display prices include:-

  • Site Inspection
  • All Permits (Local Authority , Coast Guard & Aviation if necessary)
  • All Travel costs including Fuel & Lodging
  • Professional Fireworks Technicians
  • Set Up
  • 100% Clean Up
  • £1 Million + General Liability Insurance

  • Traditional Display
    This is a fireworks display created with an array of high quality effects. Expert design is used to create a stunning display. These displays can work for a variety of applications.

    Scripted Fireworks Display
    This is an enhanced traditional fireworks display. This adds the feature of music to your display. The entire show is fired to a musical soundtrack although the fireworks are not in sync with the music. If this is what you are looking for, then you want a choreographed fireworks display.

    Choreographed Fireworks Display
    We design and produce a musically choreographed fireworks show. We will work with your soundtrack or produce one for you. Our music director will work closely with you to create exciting soundtracks for all types of events.

    Close Proximity Pyrotechnics
    For outdoor events without enough space for Traditional fireworks, close proximity pyrotechnics will be used to create pyrotechnic entertainment to almost any event. Specially manufactured mines, Comets, whistles, reports and multi-shot effects plates can create a spectacular show. These work great for Stadiums, Parks, Hotels, etc!

    Indoor Fireworks
    We can add excitement for indoor sporting events, corporate meetings, concerts, and more! There are a variety of pyrotechnic effects that are manufactured to be used indoors. Some of the effects we use for indoor events are gerbs, mines, whistles, reports and more!

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